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Rise and Wild

Yoga, Nature & Wellbeing

  • Yoga teacher guiding inclusive classes, workshops and retreats

  • Accredited Nature and Health facilitator, creating experiences for people to reconnect with nature and nurture their wellbeing

  • NatureWell trainer & community-focused practitioner

Rachel picking Honeyberries in Macclesfield

Meet Rachel

RACHEL BARKER, Northerner, tea drinker.

The heart of my work seeks the wisdom of earthly living, connection, communication, conservation, and a belief that we are meant to feel well in life. You'll find me in community, sharing food, listening to stories and making brews, as well as honouring time alone walking in the hills, reading, writing, swimming, resting, dreaming and exploring in my campervan.


I practiced yoga for about ten years before embarking on an 18-month teacher training programme in 2019 to deepen my understanding of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, and how we can integrate these age-old teachings into modern-day living. As a teacher, I'm a life-long student and continue to learn through additional trainings, a dedicated, daily practice, and attending my teachers' classes.

For as long as I can remember, I've been exploring our relationship with the earth and our natural environment. After leaving a career as a community project manager for a global social-change organisation, I trained as an accredited Nature and Health Facilitator and for a couple of years, worked with the Wildlife Trust delivering Wellbeing with Nature programmes. In 2020, I launched Rise and Wild as a way to bring together my experience facilitating groups, guiding outdoor, nature-based wellbeing interventions, mindfulness, rewilding and creative/craft workshops, wellness walks and yoga classes.

Rachel sat on a picnic blanket at White Nancy with dog.

In connection, there is magic and healing and wonder, waiting.

“Rachel’s classes are an ocean of calm.”


“I love that we are encouraged to explore our own bodies and movements, and that they incorporate nature.”


“We often forget what an adventure this all is. You remind us.”


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